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By Ludovico Silvestri

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A new microscopy paradigm for quantitative analysis of 3D samples

We have devised a new concept of microscopic imaging, based on high-throughput optical methods and real-time image processing, to produce a semantic, quantitative and queryable representation of three dimensional biological samples.
Current microscopy solutions deliver just images – i.e. collection of pixels – leaving it up to the user to extract useful information. In our new paradigm, the microscope provides a semantic model of the specimen, where relevant information (e.g. cell morphology, position, etc.) is directly accessible.

Raw (top) and segmented (bottom) image of a sample of human brain cortex. Scale bar, 200 micron.  

This new imaging paradigm can lead to a quantitative revolution in bio-imaging, with important applications in the histological analysis of healthy and diseased samples.  

Mouse brain vasculature imaged with the light-sheet microscope  

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