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Virtual Epileptic Patient (VEP) brain model

By Viktor Jirsa

Marseille,Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur,FR
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Personalization of brain network models of epilepsy patients to improve surgery outcome

Epilepsy is characterized by the occurrence of spontaneous seizures, which arise when large regions of the brain produce uncontrolled, synchronous neural activity. Partial-onset seizures are the most common form of epilepsy, and often drug-resistant (30% of all patients).  Partial seizures arise from a localized area or network, the so-called the epileptogenic zone (EZ). To treat epilepsy patients efficiently, the organisation of the EZ in a patient’s brain must be understood regarding its localisation, extent and projections into other non-epileptogenic, but seizing areas, the so-called propagation zone. Patient-specific brain network models in conjunction with latest machine learning approaches allow an optimal estimation of the EZ using The Virtual Brain (TVB) neuroinformatics platform. TVB thus has the potential to act as a clinical expert system in guiding the clinician making decisions on electrode implantation and surgical intervention. 

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